Each gang may purchase a hideout in each PvP area (except Southside Park) for 10 profit. This is a prerequisite for First Aid Supplies and Shared TV (and thence all other upgrades).

Hideouts provide a safe resting spot, allowing greater health gains from resting and immunity to effects gained from resting, such as Slags Poisoning.

You head to your gang's place and crash out in one of the chairs. It's not the most comfortable thing ever, but you feel pretty refreshed.

Hideout Upgrades:
Upgrade Cost Description Unlock
First Aid Supplies 20 Increases healing resting here
Medicine Cabinet 10 Raid the cabinet while resting (once per day)
Street Doc 50 Removes negative status effects while resting here
Shared TV 10 Sometimes grants the benefits of TV while resting here
Bank of TVs 50 Get television benefits more often
Scrap Heap 10 Usable from the Hideout screen to dig through the heap, recharged by Scavenging in controlled areas
Scrap Pit 25 Increases your Scrapheap's capacity
Smuggler 25 Usable from the Hideout screen to get a shipment of smuggled goods
Firing Range 50 Sometimes grants training while resting here and equipped for ranged combat use firing range plans
Target Gallery 200 Usable from the Hideout screen to get recording visors or watch recordings use target gallery plans
Gym 50 Sometimes grants training while resting here and equipped for melee choice with Friendly Bum when wearing Vigilante's mask
Sparring Ring 100 Usable from the Hideout screen to enter the ring find Vigilante's mask when all of your gang's hideouts have a Gym already (needs testing: what happens if you helped Carlos instead and (only some hideouts have an non-upgraded Gym or none have a gym at all)? Will it unlock if all present hideouts already have a sparring ring?)
Communications Dish 250 Supports pirated communications net craft comm dish core
Emergency Care 250 Extra security patrols call in medical aid based on pirate signal
Access Node 100 Gather other sites from your pirate network
Echo Chamber 400 Spread data of your choice using Echo Capacitors and pirate signal

There are apparently more unlockable upgrades, but they have not been discovered.

Fully upgrading one hideout with all the as-yet-discovered upgrades would cost 1600 profit and 6,000 credits. Upgrading all three would cost 4,800 profit and 18,000 credits.

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