High Brow


Image GoldCoins.jpg
Description You feel like your place in the world has gone up and, at the same time, you haven't gotten anything out of it. It's hard to say if this is a great injustice or a philosophical insight.
Effects +3 Perception
+3 Will


Using Night On The Town (X energy)
Using canape (10 energy, 1 Hunger)
Using caviar (10 energy, 1 Hunger)
Using dissolved pearl (25 energy, 2 Body)
Using gilt chocolate coins (5 energy, 3 Hunger)
Using gilt truffle (15 energy, 1 Hunger)
Using heirloom apple (8 energy, 2 Hunger)
Using pearl liquor (10 energy, 2 Body)
Using ritzy soda (5 energy, 1 Body)
Using truffle (5 energy, 1 Hunger)

Squatter's Refuge encounter: Abandoned Refuge: "Watch and observe" (1st time per day) (20 energy, only if you already have High Brow)


This effects helps avoid all damage from the Disapproving Glare attack.

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