Historia Aetherium: Beneath The Lake


Lake Metroplex is home to the Fish People. It is divided into two sections, one containing slags-related pollution and the other not. The lake can be entered from the Mushroom Cavern, or by listening to the Singing Fish with Ocean Sight, or finding the appropriate branch of the massive oil slick.

The Etheric constructs associated with the lake include large ocean predators that do not inhabit the real lake, assorted other fish not found in the lake, seaweed, giant clams, and similar as well as the fish people.

Fish People

The Fish People are a race of fishlike sentients that live in Lake Metroplex and are at war with The Fae. They were created by Sight at an unknown time after the creation of the Fae. They are apparently ruled by the Ocean King, who is the only one capable of communicating in English that has been encountered.

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