Historia Aetherium: Cyberbowl


Cyberbowl is a professional sports league. Players on two teams compete by scoring goals with a ball. Players use cybernetics to enhance their abilities.


Known teams include:

  • Omnitech WildCats
  • Integrated Rams (Biointegration)
  • Midgard Serpents (now defunct)


Zaibatsu is currently sponsoring a prize give-away with their caramel bars. See the Cyberbowl Promo Store for a bunch of Cyberbowl-related memorabilia.

Sloshing Vase:

You pour out the vase over your head like a Cyberbowl player who just scored the winning goal. It's not quite as exhilirating as it looks, but you feel strangely cleansed.

Front Row Memory:

The emotions are strangely intense for sitting in front of your gigantic TV… wait a second! They promised you a front row seat recording!

Biting back your own anger, you let the rest of the memory wash over you. It's a pretty good game and the memory was recorded by someone who cares far more about the Cyberbowl than you ever could.

Common Dreams:

The entire world seems a little… off, like you're listening to someone describe your experiences rather than experiencing them yourself. But it's right they should describe them! After all, how many days do you have the ball as the clock's running out in the Cyberbowl?

The defensive screen can't match your legs' speed or your processor's reflexes, but there are enough of them to still get in your way. An arm grabs your uniform. As you lay on the power, the arm cracks and fails with a shriek of bent plastic and failing cables. It's music to your ears as you score the winning goal.

The deafening lack of a cheering crowd snaps you out of your reverie… but doesn't explain why that arm is still attached to your shirt.

Zack on grappler gauntlets:

Oh, yeah, these are pretty interesting. Back when Cyberbowl started up, there was a lot of back and forth about what was allowed.

Cybernetics and integrated weapons are in, obviously, but non-integrated weapons are out. Big controversy around Cyberbowl III about whether modular limbs would be allowed and they were.

So a local company made these to plug cyberhands into, figuring it'd count as "modular." But, since they worked without cybernetics, the league disapproved them.

Long story short, the company limped along for a while and finally had to unload its stock during bankruptcy proceedings. I'm sure there's a lesson there… probably "buy low, sell for red metal coins."

Shared Files:

You dig a bit and find a bunch of numeric codes. On further inspection, it looks like someone's gathering a bunch of promo codes for something. They seem to be from Zaibatsu's caramel bars like you can buy at the University bookstore.

You find a stream for pirated Cyberbowl preliminary games and grab a couple that look more like highlights than whole games.

There's a quick clip of the OmniTech WildCats going up against a minor team in a preliminary game. It's interesting to see how they move… scary fast.

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