Historia Aetherium: Drone Creatures


Several of Midgard's drones turn into similar-but-living versions when viewed while taking Eclipse.

These creatures aggressively attack the player - although it is unclear if this is just because they are intruding on Midgard territory or because of our Immortal qualities. Twisted Hounds in particular seem to attack those taking Eclipse fiercely.

There is a "subtle signature" pattern in the electronic memories of the drones. This seems to be part of the reason that these drones can change to other forms - the Helidrone, Hound Drone and Spider Drone memories all have it, while the Autoturret Memory does not. Needs checking for the SDnano memory.

The connection between the drones and the associated Etheric creatures shows signs of being two-way. Metroplex University engineering students have provided a timeline of sorts for Midgard's drone development. Midgard had been selling Mining Drones as their main buisness until about twenty years ago, at which point they nearly went bankrupt, and the Canine Drone series became their main buisness. The SD1 and SD2 models were created at some point after the hound drones. Midgard was apparently beginning to produce the SD4 and SD5 models when the Incident occured, and is presently investing heavily in mining drones and aerial drones while conspicuously refusing to update the canine drone line. The SD2 is apparently the last model of hound or spider drone to be successfully released. It would therefore appear that only the creator of the mysterious signature is capable of designing new versions, and he either died or left (possibly to become Lo, if the Mysterious Puzzle Box poem is accurate) at some point between the SD2 release and the Incident. The SD3 is completely unaccounted for; it is possible a new construct was bound to it and the experiment went horribly wrong and killed the designer, since there is no definitive evidence Midgard successfully completely any drones at a later point. Given that the source for the information is students majoring in drone studies, it is almost certain information about the SD3 was covered up; even if it had been a prototype that didn't pan out the students would have heard something about it.

Flying Eyes

Flying Eyes are a drone-based etheric construct. They are winged eyes that appear to be tied to Helidrones. Unlike the Twisted Hounds, they have never been encountered independently and cannot be bound. The reason for this distinction is unknown.


Horrific Spiders are the etheric version of the Midgard SD1 drones.

Burrowing Horrors:

Burrowing Horrors are the etheric version of the Midgard M5 mining drone. The drone they are associated with has a relatively high number, so it is quite likely the design dates from after the creation of the hound drones, hence the presence of an etheric construct.

Twisted Hounds

See main article: Twisted Hounds

Titanic Mole

The Titanic Mole is an Etheric construct resulting from installing a new software suite provided by the Third Eye onto an OmniTech BigDig. This is both the first known non-Midgard drone to become a drone creature and the first drone creature known to postdate The Incident. It is also the only Drone Creature that does not attack the player on sight.

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