Historia Aetherium - Fae


Fae, also known as the Eldest, are the oldest sentient Etheric constructs encountered so far. They appear as flying globes of light and live in the sewers and mushroom caverns. They have enslaved the mushroom people and are at war with the fish people.

They apparently reproduce by Etheric people interacting with Fae plushies, which may also explain their persistence despite their creator no longer taking Eclipse with regularity. The elderly mushroom man says that they create toys and book in hopes that more people with Sight will help create more of them.

Their background is relatively well-understood, making them an excellent case study in Sight-based phenomena. They were originally created by David taking an extremely pure form of Eclipse well prior to The Incident.

Fae Communication

When examining a captured Fea, David says:

Huh, I'll be damned. I saw something like this once… years ago, back when we were doing drug testing in… well, what's the Slags now.

I wonder if this chiming sound is some sort of communication…

There are a bunch of quotes about ringing bells around the fae — this is mentioned almost every time the fae come up. Click below to view all:

Most mysteriously is the text when learning Fae Step. Not exactly clear where the gong sound is coming from the mushroom cavern?

Green Glow: The strange light bounces up and down, with a sound like tinkling bells. In the distance, you can hear another, lower, bell like a great gong.

After three strikes of the lower bell, the glass trinket in your hand shatters, releasing another small green light to join the first. The dance around you in what you guess is celebration, then dart off in the direction you heard the deeper bell.

My first guess would have been it was somehow communicating with the Fae King but it's sound is not particularly described as gong-like:

King of the Fae: The child looks at you with a blank face, but the light above her darts rapidly, each shift of direction matched by a pure chiming note.

Is there anything we know of that could make a gong sound?

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