Historia Aetherium - Herald Of Fire


The Herald of Fire is an extremely powerful Etheric entity, taking the form of a young woman comprised of Witchfire. She is believed to be derived from Jess, and first appeared at Halloween 2009, killing and maiming several of the attendees. She is closely associated with Emerald Gift, who may have formed in response to her creation. People who knelt before her at the party received a vision of the Emerald City.

During Halloween 2011, an unknown source sent holograms of her to people who had knelt before her during her original appearence. Midgard may have intended to use holographic arrays, Etheric partygoers, and Emerald Gift to summon her at the 2011 party. If so, they failed, as the party proceeded without major incident except for the zombie T-Rex.

In Halloween 2012, it became apparent that the events of the previous year had somehow created a persistent Etheric phenomenon that Midgard tried and failed to control in the Basement Ballroom. During the Halloween Party, which was held in the Art Museum at the same time as an Eclipse-focused unauthorized party in the Dorms, the phenomenon destabilized and exploded, destroying the entire building. A unit was deployed from the Slags along with digger drones to save students trapped in the rubble. However, the situation rapidly spiraled out of control, as dead students began to rise as zombies, radiation filled containment suits with spiders, and solid holograms began to appear. Midgard sent in a Class E, Janet, to detonate explosives and collapse the rubble. This was ultimately successful, with unknown effects on the Herald of Fire. However, solid holograms persist and it seems likely she does as well.

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