Historia Aetherium: Holiday Creatures


Holiday Creatures is a catch-all term for the creatures encountered at Metroplex U holiday parties. The most notable are the Halloween creatures.

The holiday creatures are unusual in that they may not represent Sight-based constructs but instead might be formed by the sheer quantity of Etheric people in close proximity at the parties.

There are three holiday creatures of particular note: The Herald of Fire, Vampire Emily, Werewolf Chuck.

All three formed during Halloween 2009, and could be encountered while sober once the Herald manifested. All three were apparently based off the costume of the associated partygoer. All three were extremely powerful, and all three appear to have persistent long-term effects but were not later encountered, even while at the same location, during halloween, while etheric, and interacting with the original source in the same costume.

The Herald is apparently responsible for Emerald Gift.

Manifesting the Vampire may have permanently altered Emily, granting her some limited mental influence powers:

Halloween Plans (2010):

She leaves the stage to chants of "Em-i-ly! Em-i-ly!" so it's safe to say the student body is excited. It's a touch strange, because you've only heard the hipsters and artists really liking Emerald Gift's atonal music and whispered lyrics. Maybe everyone's just caught in the moment.

The Werewolf is apparently the source of the Omega Syringe and the Wolfskin Belt. Charles (Chuck) Freese was taken to the Midgard Utgard lab for a number of months after the 2009 party. He returned for 2010, but has been MIA since.

Other holiday creatures include: skeletons, bat things, bat swarms that bleed papermache, the pumpkin king, the undead T-rex, and the snowmen

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