Historia Aetherium Sight

An Overview

The phenomenon the sentient etheric entities, specifically the kings of the ghouls, fae, fishmen, and mushrooms, refer to as Sight is currently poorly understood. It appears to be the mechanism by which etheric entities are created by specific humans described as having Sight.

Confusing the issue is the Third Eye, whom appear to use Sight to refer to being Etheric, either unaware of the distinction, intentionally obfuscating it, or simply using different terminology for the same phenomenon.

Evidence suggests that creating entities via Sight requires being Etheric. Once an entity has been created, other Eclipse users can then interact with it, and occasionally they will manifest in specific locations even for sober people. However, only a small portion of the population possesses Sight. Others are not able to create previously-nonexistent creatures by themselves. Very large numbers of Etheric people may be able to do so, this may have occurred at the Halloween 2009 party

The creation of entities via Sight appears to work in the following manner: The creator becomes etheric, and then their subconscious imagination begins to take form. This is usually location based, the major exceptions being Trash Golems, Withering Masses, and the various drone-linked constructs. Once created, the entities must be maintained. The specifics of this appears to vary by entity, but generally if no one taking eclipse thinks about them they will fade from existence. It is not known if Sight is required to maintain them.

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