Historia Aetherium - Silver Corporation

The exact name of this company is not known - may require renaming. Will probably become evident once we can get to Downtown.

Silver Towers

Their most prominent endeavour (that we know of) are the Silver Towers - a high class living complex in downtown Metroplex.

Scary Storybook
It begins in the heart of Metroplex, among the old skyscrapers, before Midgard Headquarters and Silver Towers dominated the skyline. At the time, cars were not playthings of the chosen elite, they were a matter of course, like a roof over your head.

Solid Gunman Hologram
It's a shame nobody plays toy soldiers anymore, because you'd be the envy of all the neighborhood kids… even if your neighborhood was one of those gated communities outside the city or one of the Silver Towers. Actually, kids that live in Silver Towers might have toys like this.

Genuine Hawk Feather
This feather seems far too clear and colorful to come from a city hawk. It might come from somewhere in the wilderness or the indoor aerie you've heard Silver Towers downtown advertising.

Glass Roll
Saying a sushi roll contains fish isn't news, it's "man bites dog," as they say. A sushi roll containing an entire fish, well, that's pushing the envelope a bit, although you can probably get stranger food in the restaurants on top of Silver Towers.


Leandra Silver

Died in the Metroplex-equivilant of August 2011, owning an eccentric collection of floor mirrors.

Common TV Programs
You catch a bit of Rachel from Channel 2 News.

She's interviewing a local gossip blogger. He's talking about the sudden death of someone named 'Leandra Silver' and generally acting rather aghast that the staff and her extended family have already started selling off her possessions, but is obviously rather pleased with himself. Rachel adeptly steers the conversation towards theories on the cause of death. The blogger flatly insists its suicide, as if he had just been asked if the sky was blue.

Oh, yes, these are an interesting piece… well, set of pieces really. I've got to break up the collection, there's no way I'd sell them all together, unless you know some crazy rich person with an unhealthy fascination with mirrors?

I certainly don't or I wouldn't be breaking them up.

From what I could put together, some crazy old loon put together the whole set, hundreds of 'em. Some she commissioned, some she bought at auctions, I heard she even enlisted some archeologists to dig up some famous ones.

Now, having an unhealthy collection, that just goes along with being rich. Having hundreds of mirrors, each broken exactly the same way, that's creepy. Now, when you die and the mirrors start reflecting things that aren't there? That's when her staff sell them all to me for… well, less than I'm selling them to you for. Sorry to say, but that's business.

Did I mention they reflect things that aren't there? In my line of work, we call that a "feature."

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