Historia Aetherium: Twisted Hound

Historia Aetherium

This collection investigates the place of Etheric phenomena in the setting and story of Metroplex. For more practical information on the opponent, see Twisted Hound.

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An Overview


Living creatures of bone and crystal, often seen searching for prey or attacking without warning.

Twisted hounds are among the most complex creatures of the ether, appearing in a multitude of locations and pursuing a mysterious agenda. They are among the only etheric creatures you can encounter even in a sober frame of mind, in places where reality itself seems to have been damaged: the Slags near the site of the Incident, and the underground Midgard lab following the massively destructive 'Omega order'. (Also note that in the buried lab, even the drone hounds before the omega order move "far more fluidly than you would expect".) Nonetheric people can also see them in the hall of doors summoned by the Third Eye sorcerers.

Elsewhere, they inhabit the bodies of drone hounds (appearing crystal to Eclipse-users, and robotic to the sober). This is likely the first form they took in this world, although whether they were created or summoned it is impossible to say. Their appearance everywhere from the ghost ship to the mushroom cavern does suggest a much greater independence than most etheric creatures. Or alternatively, a greater dependence. After all, they are protecting the ghost sailors and mushroom men. Yet they seem to serve the Flickering Guard unwillingly.

Third Eye Sorcerers have discovered how to summon these creatures in order to control them and direct them in combat, and the protagonist can learn to do the last two as well. Another power has also been seen directing the hounds, using different methods.

Origins and Purpose

Fragmentary information gathered from a multitude of sources.

Entering this world:

The tale of Wotan and Loki:


Serving Others

Third Eye sorcery:

The hounds in combat:

Heimdall's involvement:

The secured files haven't changed since you looked last, so you open the next one in the list. This file covers the drones used in and near the facility, referred to as CD and AD. The terminology is unfamiliar, but you recognize the CD line as the hound drones that accompany Midgard Security and ADs are apparently mobile weapon platforms held aloft by a rotor.

Apparently, CD security is standard at Midgard facilities, mandated from someone called Heimdall. However, he also mandates a wireless net to monitor their progress and allow them to sound alerts. You haven't noticed anything of the sort in their systems here.

Crystal and Bone

A quick collection of hound-related items:
hound crystal, hound dust, fine hound dust, hound Eclipse, artificial hound crystal, gritty ointment, toxic crystal, crystal dust], crystalline mushroom, crystallized octopus eye, crystal hand, crystal hound's tooth, porous crystal, ruby apple, glimmering crystals (and related items), black crystal orb, crystal syringe, burning ectoplasm, smoking blob, smoking eclipse, fiery blob, putrid blob, plasmic acid, poltergeist solution

Even its etheric/chemical structure seems able to mesh with many other etheric phenomena.

And effects:
bone spikes, bone scales, calcified organs

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