Historia Aetherium Witchfire


Witchfire, AKA Green Fire, is the most instantly recognizable form of Etheric attack. It is conjured by Third Eye Sorcerers, Etheric rats, Hel, The Herald, The Flickering Guard, and the player, among others. Damage it inflicts cannot easily be healed by conventional medicine, even skin grafts, although Immortals can recover from it as easily as most other wounds.

It is very heavily associated with Emerald Gift and The Herald.

It cannot be seen by drones.

Etheric Manifestation

One of the more common ways the ether manifests itself is in the form of green flames or light. I'm putting this together to see if anything interesting comes up.

First of all, Hel:

She walks over to the flickering green flame. "This? I call it witchfire… seems like a good name. It feeds on the dust and grime that float around here, just need to gather it up."

"The important thing is, the drones can't see it. There are so many now… they'd notice any normal fire. But only the living can see this."

Also the maelstrom:

A few feet below you is a churning whirlpool of shimmering lights and green fire. Looking down, you can see foam washing up on the rocks, each bubble containing a tiny world and each tiny world screaming as it dies.

With a deep breath, you hurl yourself into the maelstrom. Your screams join those of a million tiny worlds as your awareness shatters to dust

Of particular note is the Herald of Fire / Avatar of Flame / crystalline flame. They provide visions of cities and other strange places lit by the green light.

Techniques that utilize green flame:

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