Hive Guidance


Image GuidanceSystem.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
1-2 Offense,
The guidance system doesn't seem terribly interested in your batch. ?
3+ Offense You crash out the guidance system, but the rest of the architecture doesn't follow suit. It seem it doesn't really rely on the guidance system to keep everything running. ? Gain 2 XP
(removes routine)
Wideband Command? You issue a new destination to the entire network. They confer, apparently determine they all had the same idea, and head off. Gain 3 XP, Disconnect
2-3? Command You insinuate a new destination into the conversation. The nodes confer among themselves, eventually deciding to go along with it.

Your session drops as the signal fades into the distance.
Gain 3 XP, Disconnect
5? Command You overwhelm the guidance system with suggestions. Eventually, the nodes come to an agreement on one of them and head out.

Your session drops as the signal fades into the distance.
Gain 3 XP, Disconnect
View This guidance system seems strangely retrofitted. It seems to make suggestions to some of the deeper systems distributed between the nodes.

It might be possible to get them to leave with the right suggestion, though.
4? View You dig through the guidance system. Most of the programming centers around how to interface with shipping drones' Crash Avoidance systems and use that information to avoid them.

And, after the third time(?):
You could probably use what you've learned to specifically look for drones using the crash avoidance network.

You've learned a new quest recipe: Crash Avoidance Filtering - Temporarily tune into drones' crash avoidance with a Filtering Script (0 Energy)
? Gain 2 XP


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