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Encounter Conditions

Using an HKGames Helmet

Initial Text

You equip your HKGames helmet. Small text appears in your vision: "Initializing…"

You fiddle with the helmet until something resembling a menu pops up. The options are floating letters, gently drifting by you.

Even the little red cancel button looks like part of the terrain, albeit a little too shiny and angular for most parts of Metroplex.

(And if you've used the <x> Test:)
Far above those choices, you can see floating letters reading "<x> Test… Loading. Please Wait."

Summary of Choices

  1. Target Test
  2. Ring Test
  3. Resistance Test
  4. Just Cancel

Choice Text and Results

Target Test

You walk up to the floating letters reading "target test" and touch them. They spin and vanish.

Huh. That's kind of cool.

(Unlock Target Test or Swarm of Gems)

Ring Test

You head over to the "ring test" label and tap on it. The letters swoop into a circle and vanish. That's kind of cool.

(Unlock Ring Test or Square Maw)

Resistance Test

You make your way to the floating "resistance test" label and touch it gently. It crackles with energy that looks almost laughably computer-generated.

A moment later, though, a crystalline plaque appears. It reads "please return to the medical wing for observation before test load is complete."

You suppose that could be a good sign.

(Unlock Resistance Test or Pain Gremlin)

Just Cancel

You tap the small red button reading "cancel." Nothing really seems to happen, but maybe that's a good sign.

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