Hollow Monstrosity


Image evil-penita.jpg
Combat Name The monstrosity
HP 122-128
Stats Perception:
Reflexes: 20
Strength: 10
Will: 20
Power Melee:
Unopposed: 0-2
Defense Melee: 5
Ranged: ≥20
Fire: -5
Etheric: ≥18
Stealth: ≥10
Reactive: 0
Hidden Flags Dynamite immune
Awards 4 XP, plus 4 XP Strength and 4 XP Will (win or lose)

If you have a Myers sampling kit equipped:
You found: paper mache horn (if you didn't set it on fire, sometimes*)
You found: scorched gem (if you set it on fire, sometimes*)

Also, if you used X Melee attacks during the fight (at least two):
After the battle, you take some time to look for all the candy that went flying.
You found: X-1 of:
  - earthy candybars
  - gummy eyeballs
  - industrial jawbreakers
  - melting candy canes

Also, always:
You found 22-29 (?) of: (probably same distribution as megapinata?)
  - titanic jawbreakers
  - gumballs
  - sugar pills
  - ancient candybars
  - piles of chocolate gelt
  - tiny candy canes
You found 3-4 of:
  - gummy eyeballs
  - industrial jawbreakers

* If you use only melee or only fire techniques it seems to always give these two items, otherwise not? Spading needed - see discussion.


Using a monstrous pinata while etheric.


All Ranged, Etheric, Stealth and Direct damage attacks are completely blocked with the following message appended:

<You attack>, but it doesn't seem to have much effect.

All melee attacks get following messages appended to it. Each attack after the first gives an extra candy drop (see above).

First time:
<You attack>. Blood and candy splash everywhere.

Further times:
<You attack>. Your attack sends another gout of blood and candy flying.

If you use fire attacks on it, it catches on fire, giving a different set of attacks and different Myers sampler drop, with the following messages:

First time:
<You attack>. The flames catch on the monstrosity's husk.

Further times:
<You attack>. The flames spread over the monstrosity's husk.

And at the end of each round:
The monstrosity continues burning, taking 5-43(?) damage.

Technique Chain Power Type Notes
Trample 2 12-13 Melee (Opposed, on not fire)
'' Fire (Opposed, on fire)
'' 14-15 Melee (Unopposed, whether on fire or not)
Hind Kick 3 12-13 Melee
Gore from Behind 4 10-15 Stealth
Transfixing Gaze 4 Evasion (R, ?) (normally) Stuns for two passes
'' Nothing (if blindfolded)
Creaking Branch 5 All? Evasion (M,E, others?) (normally)
'' — Nothing (if blindfolded)


nomnom25.jpg You feast on the monstrosity's flesh, regaining x Energy.
HandMirror25.jpg A few strange shapes bubble to the surface of the mirror. You flip it over to find they're candy corn. Weird.
You found: strange candy corn
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