Holographic Opponents

To fight these opponents, you first need the normal holograms listed in column one below. These were/are obtainable several ways:

Note that hologame opponents from the Midgard HGS prototype do not count as holographic opponents.

Hologram Opponent Drop (with a dual laser equipped ) Solid Hologram Effects Associated Technique
gunman hologram Holographic Gunman solid gunman hologram Applies part of your Etheric Defense bonuses to Ranged Power Project Shooter
mummy hologram Holographic Mummy solid mummy hologram Empowers your Perception, Reflexes, Strength, and Will to at least your Etheric Defense Project Mummy
Rag Man hologram Rag Man Hologram solid Rag Man hologram Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Reflexes Project Rag Man
shark hologram Shark Hologram solid shark hologram Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Strength Project Shark
skull hologram Holographic Skull solid skull hologram Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Will Project Skull
spider hologram Holographic Spider solid spider hologram Bonuses to your Etheric Defense also apply to your Perception Project Spider
writhing hologram Writhing Hologram solid writhing hologram Your Etheric Defense bonuses also increase your Maximum HP Project Tentacles

Fighting Holographic Opponents

To fight a holographic opponent, you must be Etheric, have a holographic projector installed, and play a hologram. You will begin fighting a single opponent. After doing enough damage, the opponent will split in two, with each copy having fewer hit points than the original. (Each of the Writhing Hologram's copies will again split into two copies when they take enough damage.) You must defeat all copies to win the fight. Win or lose, your hologram is consumed.

Effects of Winning (in order or precedence)
Condition Result
Solid hologram matching the type of opponent defeated equipped Gain one instance of associated technique and one matching (non-solid) hologram†.
Dual laser equipped Equipped dual laser transforms into solid hologram of the appropriate type and your holographic projector burns out and becomes a charred projector.
Holosight rifle equipped Gain gunman hologram regardless of the type of opponent defeated
Homemade laser, commemorative laser, or non-matching solid hologram equipped Gain hologram of the appropriate type†

† If you started the fight by using a hologram from your stored data inventory, winning gives you the hologram back again, resulting in no net loss/gain of holograms.

Various messages

When splitting in half, one of the following messages is shown at the end of the round. It's not clear what triggers each of the messages, or if it's simply random.

The hologram is sliced cleanly in half, each half becoming a dimmer copy of the original.

The hologram splits in two with a sound like breaking glass.

The hologram collapses into a puddle of light. After a moment, the puddle reforms itself into two copies of the original.

The hologram glows brightly for a moment, casting two shadows, then blinks out. The shadows close in on you, taking their parent's place.

When you defeat the all copies of the hologram, you get one of the following messages:

It's safe to say that wasn't a normal hologram, but you don't really know enough about them to say what was different. There's… something about lasers, if you remember right.

The hologram fades away like a trick of the light.

Or with a binding tome equipped:

You try to bind the flickering light, but somehow don't feel that ancient words are the right tool for the job.

Or with a laser offhand equipped:

The last shreds of its energy desperately try to flow back up your laser's path. A strange notification pops up on your comm.

You found: <type of hologram>

Or with a solid X hologram:

The hologram in your hand twitches strangely, as though it's trying to grow outside the confines of your fist. While you're distracted, a strange notification appears on your comm.

You learned a new Technique: Project X

You found: X hologram

Mirror Gazing Holographic Opponents

To successfully acquire the reflection of a holographic opponent, you must use Catch Reflection on all of the holograms that appear in battle. The original holographic opponent, the splits, and, in the case of the Writhing Hologram, the splits of the splits. If successful, you'll get this message at the end of combat:

Dark shapes flit around under the surface of your hand mirror.

So far, the reflections of holograms simply give higher than average XP.

Additionally, you only gain XP for killing all of the opponents. (No XP for a partial win or tie.)

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