Holosighting (Technique)


Image holosighting.jpg
Description Use the feature your Holosight Rifle is named after
Chain 7
Type None
Attribute None
Base Damage
Special Reduces the target's Evasion Power, Etheric Defense, and Ranged Defense by 2

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally (without holorifle) - Nothing?
You fix your sight on <opponent>.
With holosight rifle, opponent doesn't have Holosighting effect - Gives opponents the Holosighting effect
You fix <opponent> in your sight.
With holosight rifle equipped and opponent has Holosighting effect 10 Single Shot Technique. In a multi-opponent fight, each opponent counts separately
You test your sight on <opponent> with a single shot for <X> damage.

†Or underwater? I always get this message versus the terrible serpent, no matter whether he's lurking under the water or leaping into me.


Using Holographic Shot with both a holosight rifle and a scope equipped.

Used By (opponents)

Holographic Gunman

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