Homeless Addict



Encounter Conditions

Only on Dr. Thomas quest and have a crate of Eclipse in inventory

Initial Text

You notice a bum crouched next to a park bench, rocking back and forth. As you get closer, you can hear him singing something about Eclipse under his breath.

Summary of Choices

  1. Give him a crate (evil) - lose crate of Eclipse, gain progress in the Dr. Thomas Quest
  2. Sell him a crate - removes this option - pick again.
  3. Leave him be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Give him a crate (evil (1))

You hand off the crate to the bum. He grins broadly, letting his tongue hang out disquietingly and drags the crate into a nearby alley.

(You lose: crate of Eclipse)

Sell him a crate

He stares up at you. "I need Eclipse, I need it!"

He rifles through his pockets. "But, I can't pay. Please, help me out!"

(Removes this option - pick again.)

Leave him be

See Walk Away

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