Horrible Black Coffee


Image coffee.jpg
Description This coffee is black, opaque, and oily. You think you can see bits of grounds floating in it.

Not sure if you should drink it or use it for a chemistry project.
Type Drug
Requires 5 Body
Use You slam back the horrible black coffee. You're not entirely sure why you did that, honestly, but you're glad it didn't take long.
Multi You slam back the horrible black coffee. Then, even more inexplicably, you slam some more.
Effects Gain 5-7 Energy


From opening a Filled Toolbox
Drops from Construction Crew
Drops from Drunken Challenger
Drops from Third Eye Hunter
Drops from Midgard Security Expert
From Abandoned Operating Room encounter in Midgard Laboratory
From Biotech Locker Room encounter in Midgard Laboratory
From Empty Breakroom encounter in Midgard Bioresearch
computer-lab-coffee-machine in Open Computer Lab


HQ Lobby: Can be given to the Elevator Security Checkpoint guards.

Reduce a cup of Horrible Black Coffee into pure caffeine. You need the strong stuff, not just any coffee will do
Quest recipe: Learn from reading Chemistry Papers or watching Descrambled Tv or from Lab Workers encounter in Midgard Laboratory
ChemKit25.jpg Horrible Black Coffee
= Caffeine Powder
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Goods
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