Hound Crystal


Image gemv.jpg
Description When that hound collapsed to powder, this piece stayed relatively whole. The crystal is riddled with a network of cracks, but you can see something moving in its depths.
Type Offhand
Effects +2 Etheric Power
+2 Etheric Defense


Drops from twisted hounds if you have a Myers sampling kit equipped.


Analyze a Hound Crystal with the Protein Analyzer
Protein25.jpg Hound Crystal
= Fine Hound Dust
Attach two Artificial Hound Crystals and two natural Hound Crystals to an Exposed Skull (2 Energy)
Learn recipe from Cybernetic Graffiti or horrific cyberplans during Halloween 2020
toolbelt.jpg Artificial Hound Crystal x2, Hound Crystal x2 and Exposed Skull
= Crystal Focus Skull
toolbox.jpg hound dust (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Curiosities
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