Hounds At Bay



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You come across a strange sight among the rubble, a group of four lupine creatures made of crystal digging in the rubble. A green light streaming up from below seems to be giving them problems, keeping them at bay.

Summary of Choices

  1. Find a path - gain 6 XP Will, help the hounds?
  2. Release a hound (With tome of binding and Release the Hounds known) - gain 8 XP Will, lose one instance of Release the Hounds
  3. Attack them - fight 4 Twisted Hounds
  4. Bind them (with tome of binding) - fight 4 Twisted Hounds
  5. Leave them - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Find a path

It's impossible to read the hounds, but they seem grudgingly willing to accept your help.

You maneuver between the rocks, going where the hounds cannot and clearing obstructions for them to rush forward. It's strange, as though they can pass through certain barriers effortlessly while others stifle them completely.

In any case, you learn a surprising amount about your own mind as you make your way through those winding tunnels.

You've earned 6 XP in Will

or, with Emerald Gift playing:

It's impossible to read the hounds, but they seem grudgingly willing to accept your help.

There's something in your mind… a song… or possibly a map set to music. You slip deeper into the rubble while the crystalline creatures struggle to keep up behind you.

Release a hound

You pull open your tome to the correct page and release the hound to join its own kind. It's a surprisingly emotional experience.

You've earned 8 XP in Will
(Lose one instance of Release the Hounds)

Attack them

You carefully keep your distance, letting the hounds come to you so you don't get surrounded immediately. Even so, there are a lot of them.

(Fight 4 Twisted Hounds)

Bind them

As you flip open you're tome, they're on you, slipping between the shadows and rubble to spear towards you.

(Fight 4 Twisted Hounds)

Leave them

You leave them to continue their mysterious digging.

See Walk Away

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