Hounds Of Hameln (Gang)

The Hounds of Hameln are one of the oldest and largest gangs in metroplexity. It was formed by vholes-piper in early 2009. The gang focuses on exploring the depths of Eclipse and other mysteries of the Metroplex. We encourage cooperation, spading, generosity, and keeping everyone in good Etheric supply.

Accepting all new players! Feel free to message any leader in the gang for more info.

Our credo:

Hostile hosts harry our hamlet's heart, harassing the helpless herds, however the hawkers of hypnotic herbs and the hated houses of commerce hear not their howls. The heart of our hallowed home halts and heaves, and the Hounds will heed it, humouring not any hint of hesitation.

Henceforth, the huddled hoi polloi must hearken to the hymns of the Hounds, their heralds in these hellish hours. And if to heed our hests they hesitate, they will surely find the heirs of Hameln ready to harden their hearts and do what must be done, whether with hatchet or hex.

Hazardous, the Hounds of Hameln will hunt the heinous hellspawned harlots hindering our hauntings, and hack and hew till our hearth once more is hale.


For a brief dark period during Halloween 2010, the gang was known as the Pastel Pony Powderpuffs of Panzytown.

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