Editing Pages

To edit pages, you must be registered. Once you are, simply click on edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor.

  • To create a link to a new page, use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. Follow the link to create a new page and instantly edit it! Or, you can go directly to a new page by going to http://wiki.metroplexity.com/your-new-page.

You can visit Wikidot Documentation and Syntax pages to learn more. Feel free to use the sandbox to try things out.

If you're not sure what to do first, you could try editing the pages that need work - check the following tags:

Editing Standards

The following is a list of the 'normal' procedures for creating/editing pages on this wiki - but don't be intimidated. If you find something new, please add it with as much detail as you can.

Page Names

  • Items, Effects, Skills, Locations and player-learnable Techniques should all use the same name as the item in-game.
  • Opponents should use the alt-text for the image of the opponent (hover your mouse over the portrait of the opponent for a second to see it). Note that some opponents have a different name used in the combat than the portrait (eg. Mutated Bum vs. Twisted Bum).
  • Encounter names and NPC-only techniques do not have a canonical name that the player can see - so we make one up! In general:
    • If encounter uses a unique image, use the name of the image.
    • Otherwise, try to name it something short, unique, descriptive, and not too silly.
    • Quoting a couple words from the encounter often works well.

If two or more pages require the same name, create a disambiguation page with the base name, and make individual pages with the type of game item in brackets. Eg. Peace Patch (item) and Peace Patch (effect).


Link to images on the wiki, rather than in the game. See images for details on how to display images and save them to the wiki.

Other things to note

Generally try to keep spading data on the discussion pages, to keep the main pages relatively free from clutter. If you are doing extensive collaborations, creating a separate spading page is often handy.

If you have a long post of spading data, you can shorten it by putting parts in collapsible tags, like this:

Using the following syntax:

  (hidden text here)

Advanced Topics

The following players are wiki moderators. They can answer any questions about wiki editing (and can also move/delete pages as needed):

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