How To Play

Signing Up

Head to to sign up. Just fill out the form, then click the link in your conformation email.

Your First Quest

When you first log in, you'll find that you have a message from Mikhail. He'll be added as a Contact. You can talk to him to find out about the problem in Southside Park he'd like you to look into.

Talk to Mikhail by clicking on the Contacts option in the top pane in Metroplexity or going to his deli in Southside and talking to him there.


Combat can be a little confusing at first. When you enter combat, you'll be presented with five of your Techniques. You can think of these as a hand of cards.

Each Technique is an action you do in the combat. You can play more than one Technique at once if you can make a consecutive chain of numbers (eg. 4-3 or 4-5-6). You can click on Techniques to play them, or Shift-Click for more information.

For a little more read here or see the list of Combat Hints.

Managing Your Energy

You will start out with 25 Energy. Once this runs out, you no longer have enough energy to fight or even heal properly. This is your main resource in Metroplexity.

At the start of each new day (midnight GMT, which is about 7 PM Central US time) you'll gain another 25 Energy. This stacks up to 100, so if you miss a few days, you're not missing out.

There are also two other counters: Body and Hunger. You can eat (using Hunger) and do certain drugs (using Body) to replenish your Energy. Your Body and Hunger are also refreshed by 10 each day, up to a maximum of 40.

See Daily Activities for more details.

More Techniques

As you learn more Techniques you'll want to decide which ones you want to use. You can do this from the Techniques option in the top pane of Metroplexity.

Three things to consider when customizing your Technique selection:

  • You will want to form chains, so choose groups of Techniques near each other.
  • Keep the number of techniques at each number roughly equal, to minimize your chances of drawing a hand full of the same # technique.
  • Defensive techniques are generally better at or near the start of the chain, since few opponents regularly attack in chains 3 or longer.
  • Many items provide bonus power to particular types of Techniques, so your equipment selection can make certain Techniques more powerful.
  • Your deck must have at least 15 techniques in it, or extra "do nothing" techniques will be added to bring it up to 15.


Maximizing Your Energy
See the various Bonuses pages for how you can use maximize attributes like Perception, attack power like Melee Power, Ranged Defense and other kinds of defense, and more.

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