Humming Speakers



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2016, after sufficient thick cabling added to speakers?

Initial Text

You pass a pile of speakers humming away. Well, that's probably better than them sitting here silent.

Or, after filling the speakers with memory sticks:

You pass a pile of speakers sitting silent, as though waiting for the moment to release their music.

Summary of Choices

  1. Check it out - unlocked further options
  2. Listen closer - gain 4 XP Perception, extend duration of currently playing music by 20
  3. Jack in (with a computer equipped) hack Speaker Controls
  4. Slot a memory stick (after "Check it out", with a memory stick) - lose 1 memory stick
  5. Wire a signal buffer (after "Check it out", with a signal buffer) - lose 1 signal buffer
  6. Add magnetic coil (after "Check it out", with a magnetic coil) - gain 4 XP Will, lose 1 magnetic coil
  7. Shut them up - ???
  8. Leave them be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Check it out

You go over the speakers. They're on, so the wiring is in place, but some magnetic coils are still missing. There are also a ton of slots for old computer circuitry… memory sticks and signal buffers if you're not missing your guess. The signal buffers probably just add stability, but the memory sticks almost have to be important.

Unlocks options to slot a memory stick and wire a signal buffer.

Or, after filling the speakers with memory sticks:

You go over the speakers. They're on and aren't making white noise, so the wiring and control circuitry is in place. There are some spots you could still sneak in magnetic coils for volume and signal buffers for stability.

Unlocks options to wire a signal buffer.

Listen closer

You listen carefully. There's not quite music, just random fluctuating tones. It's probably some sort of a test sequence.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

With Ocean Voice or Cavern Chimes playing (or others?)

Amid the hum, you hear echoes… faint echoes… like voices you remember imagining once.

You've gained 20 duration of <currently playing music>.

You've earned 4 XP in Perception

Jack in

You connect to the sound system's controller. It's surprisingly complicated, but it looks like the students have probably made some "upgrades."

(Leads to hacking Speaker Controls)

Slot a memory stick

You're not sure where they ordered these that the sticks weren't included, but you slot one in.

Wire a signal buffer

The signal buffers will probably keep the memory from shorting out too easily. It seems like a noble enough task, so you pop the buffer in to one of the provided slots.

Add magnetic coil

You slot in the magnetic coil. That should get the volume pumping when they turn it on.

You've earned 4 XP in Will

Shut them up


Leave them be

You leave the speakers to themselves. Somebody'll figure it out.

See Walk Away

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