Idol Metal


Image mylittleidoru.jpg
Description Zaibatsu is a big believer in branding everything and idols are an important part of that, whether those idols perform singly, with Idoru, or in one of the smaller groups. The same idol might sing, act, model, fence, endorse products, do newscasts, make neural recordings, announce for the Cyberbowl, appear in card games, and be made into collectible dolls.

The idea seems to be convincing people who like one thing to get attached to an idol in it, check out other things with that idol, then become fans of those things. It doesn't really work in Metroplex, though, because Zaibatsu products filter into the city slowly, if at all.

So hearing cheerful Zaibatsu idols singing poppy lyrics over harsh metal percussion isn't something you'd expect, but it's also not exactly surprising. Catchy, certainly, but not surprising.
Hidden Flags Music
Effects +1 Reflexes
+1 Will


From using an idolfusion demo. (20 Energy)

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