To archive all the images in the game (and save on Kinak's bandwidth costs), all images should link to the wiki (local) version of them. To add a new image:

  1. Find the image in Metroplexity and save it to your hard drive.
  2. Click the Files link at the bottom of this page, then Upload a file from your computer, then Select Files and select the image you saved.
  3. Display the image with the following code:

Left Aligned:
[[image images/yourimage.jpg]]

Or, to center it:
[[=image images/yourimage.jpg]]

(If the image is reused elsewhere, skip steps 1 and 2.)

NOTE: If you uploaded an image and it doesn't seem to be showing up for you, you might have to refresh the cache of that image by:

  1. Right click on the broken image and open it in a new window
  2. Refresh that window

Image Use Summary

For a detail list, see Images Summary (up to date as of Jan 18, 2013), but will probably quickly fall out of date.


The following images have been updated since they were originally introduced:

Date Image Old New
4 Oct 2010 singleshot.jpg singleshotold.jpg singleshot.jpg
17 Oct 2010 bindingwords.jpg bindingwordsold.jpg bindingwords.jpg
7 Jan 2011 Media-Player25.jpg Media-Player25-old.jpg Media-Player25.jpg
22 Nov 2011 PileofCrates.jpg PileOfCratesOld.jpg PileofCrates.jpg
4 Dec 2011 brutalitybaton.jpg Brutality.jpg brutalitybaton.jpg
4 Dec 2011 mylittleidoru.jpg dollhead.jpg mylittleidoru.jpg
11 Apr 2013 RiotShield25.jpg RiotShield25old.jpg RiotShield25.jpg
11 Apr 2013 shieldblock.jpg shieldblockold.jpg shieldblock.jpg
3 Jul 2013 fraggrenade.jpg RoundGrenade50.jpg fraggrenade.jpg
24 July 2013 SwordHilt.jpg SwordHilt_old.jpg SwordHilt.jpg
30 Dec 2014 coverfire.jpg continuingfire.jpg coverfire.jpg
19 Apr 2015 steelmask.jpg mask.jpg steelmask.jpg

Other things that have changed images include:

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