Implant Seed


Image implantseed.jpg
Description Far more effective if your target will just hold still
Chain 2
Type Stealth
Attribute Strength
Base Damage 2

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 2
You stab a seed into <opponent> for x stealth damage.
Unopposed 7 Gives √dam turns of Parasitic Vine
You dig into <opponent> for x stealth damage, planting a seed to sprout deep in the wound.
Unopposed, vs. certain opponents* 2
You dig into <opponent> for x stealth damage, although the seed you left in the wound doesn't seem likely to sprout.
Versus a target with Parasitic Vine -
You survey the vines covering <opponent>.

* Some opponents cannot be infected; these seem to be anyone with the Crunchy flag. See Opponents Testing for a full list.


Offer praise to the Massive Flower.

Used by (Opponents)

Faceless Worker
Overgrown Cubicles
Vine Confluence


Successfully using the unopposed version of this technique 10-12? times helps convince the Massive Flower to let you into the Midgard Records Office.

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