Imposing Man



Encounter Conditions

Only after killing 30 Guards

Initial Text

An imposing man stands among the remaining crates of Eclipse. He already has his gun drawn and seems prepared to attack the moment you show yourself.

Summary of Choices

  1. Show yourself - Fight gang boss
  2. Offer him a way out (Good 2+)- Get encrypted PDA
  3. Leave him alone for now - Nothing; takes no energy

Choice Text and Results

Show yourself

The gang leader turns to face you the moment you expose yourself, the sheen on his cybernetic eye shifting as it focuses on you.

And then one of the following messages:


He gives you a predatory grin. "It's your grave."

If Carlos has put in a good word for you:

He gives you a predatory grin. "Say 'hi' to Carlos for me in hell."

Kills Carlos immediately, even if you run away.

After making him expend quite a few explosive rounds:

He laughs. "Back for more already?"

Or, under some conditions(?):

He narrows his organic eye. "Huh, maybe I'm getting rusty in my old age."

Fourth time:

He stops for a moment to look at his gun, then back up to you. "Well, let's see if the <x> does the job."

Fifth, sixth, seventh time:

He stares at you in disbelief. "How? What? You're not human! Monster! Die!"

He fires a wild burst in your general direction, the bullets leaving smoking pockmarks where they strike.

(And for all the above, fight the Gang Boss)

After the eighth time(?), or after doing enough damage to frighten him(?) or after he runs out of explosive shots(?), you don't get a combat but you get the Spooked non-combat encounter instead.

Offer him a way out (Good 4)

The gang boss looks at you, then back at the ruined remains of his base, with the bodies of his gang strewn over most of it.

"As long as you promise to not tell anybody." He doesn't wait for your response, just tosses you a nice PDA and flees the cave.

You found: encrypted PDA

Leave him alone for now

You back away from the man and the crates he's guarding. It's hard to say how long he intends to stay down here, but the entire rest of the hideout is abandoned around him.

Does nothing, does not even count as 1/5th energy that normal Walk away does

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