Inhuman Barrier


Image Hive%20wall%20100.jpg
Type Defensive System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense 1-3 The barrier shifts and changes as you attack, reconstructing itself into new configurations. It might be possible to take it down, but it won't go down easily. O*2?
Offense ≥ 4 The barrier shifts and changes as you hammer at it, but eventually you win out. O*2? Gain 2 XP, remove routine
View This barrier is… very strange. It looks more grown than coded, like it has been iterated on far more than humans should be capable of. 0
Wideband Command+ 2? Offense The barrier shifts and changes as you attack it, but you're able to catch it all in a wideband assault and bring the whole thing crashing down. O+2? Remove routine
The barrier looms before your batch. 0


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