Inspiringly Creepy Sketch


Image souvenir-book-25.jpg
Description Perhaps someone else would glance at this sketch and see a pleasant landscape, but it's doubtful. Every shadow, crevasse, nook, and cranny contains dark shapes or watching eyes. You have a feeling that if you stared at it too long, you'd be driven to paranoia.
Type Usable
Use You stare at the sketch for as long as you can manage. Even when you look away, it's like the eyes never stop watching and the dark shapes never stop following you.
Multi You stare at the sketches, trying to absorb all the details, but that way lies madness… specifically paranoia. You're jumping at shadows, but that doesn't mean the shadows aren't out to get you.
Both above If you have another Inspiring Sketch Effect active: Your brain is still chewing on that last sketch. Looking at this one before you've figured it out is just going to give you a headache.
Effects You've gained 20 energy of Inspired Movements.


Using Emerald Meditation


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg paper mache (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .04 Curiosities
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