Integrated Rams Helmet


Image integratedramshelmet.jpg
Description Although this helmet is nominally an "authentic replica," it looks pretty solid and should take a serious hit before your head caves in… just not a Cyberbowl-sized hit.

It also sports the logo of the Integrated Rams, technically the Biointegration Incorporated Rams, but even their own promotional material doesn't call them that anymore. They're one of the most popular Cyberbowl teams, loved for their underdog status as #2 to the OmniTech WildCats' #1 and their penchant for extreme violence.

Unfortunately, just like the real thing, you can't raise the visor, so it'll make it hard to see along with marking you as a serious fan.
Type Hat
Effects +2 Melee Defense
-2 Perception


Purchase at the Cyberbowl Promo Store for 60 Cyberbowl Promo Codes.


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any type of crafting.
toolbox.jpg Salvageable, unknown result
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Goods
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