Internal Locks


Image Security-Console.jpg
Type Utility System

Responses to Functions

Function Message U Result
Offense You crash the control system. It seems they're more concerned with security than safety, as everything defaults to the locked position. ? Gain 1 XP
Removes Lab Locker Room encounter?
Replaces Priority Care Room encounter with Subject S43
(removes routine)
Command (After learning about Dr. Mira, and the forcefield is up around Subject S43? You copy Dr. Mira's scripts over and use them to unlock the priority cell. In theory, you should just be able to walk right in now. ? Replaces Subject S43 encounter with Priority Care Room
Command (After viewing Public Files) You find the lockers they were talking about and release the locks. Well, that should take a while for anyone to notice. ? Unlocks Lab Locker Room encounter
Command (If everything is unlocked) Well, you can't find anything else interesting to open, so you flip some locks back and forth. ? Gain 1 XP
View This system seems to control the locks throughout the lab. There are some strange modifications to the standard system, but it should respond to normal commands. 0-1
The security system seems more concerned with the doors than you. ?


Attacking this routine restores the forcefield whether you previously shut it down via hacking, or by attacking while etheric.


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