Introspection Effects

Introspection effects come from using tiny toadstools obtained in the Mushroom Cavern. Attempting to use an item that would give you a second introspection effect when you already have one active does not consume the item and replaces the use text with this message:

Frankly, you feel pretty lucky to have eaten one of those without emptying your stomach. It's probably best not to tempt fate by mixing them.

All introspection effects give +1 XP per combat and an additional bonus.

Item Effect Additional Bonus
tiny blue toadstool Numbing Introspection +4 Etheric Defense
tiny brown toadstool Paranoid Introspection +4 Stealth Defense
tiny green toadstool Terrifying Introspection +4 Etheric Power
tiny red toadstool Panicked Introspection +4 Evasion Power
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