Intuitive Puzzle

Having Puzzle Sight active gives you access to the intuitive puzzle, even if you are Puzzled Out. Instead of giving energy of Puzzled Out, each move uses 10 energy of the Puzzle Sight effect, or 5 if you have the Secrets of the Cube skill. If you have fewer than 10 (or 5) energy of the effect, you make your move and lose all remaining energy.

Box Form


You stare at the puzzle box for a moment and it makes sense. It's like child's play, really, how the box can stay the same while the whole world moves around it.

Option Message Effect
Twist it into a rod You look at the cube for a second, then quickly and efficiently turn it into a long spindle. Well, that was easy enough.

You twist it experimentally until you hit just the right spot, then it folds down into a strange prism or rod.
Change to mysterious puzzle rod
Unfold it into a tablet
Form it into a pyramid
Listen to its song
Release its light
Open the compartment You quickly identify a small area surrounded by seams and twist the cube to open it.

The tiny door opens, revealing a chamber within the cube. You know it leads somewhere else, beyond the cube, but is still somehow contained within. This might bother you normally.

Hmmm, you have some things that might fit in the chamber.
Powder Pouring
Leave it be

Rod Form


Whoever designed this puzzle intended the bearer to work against dozens of springs, levers, and resistant metals.

On the bright side, you know better. There are hidden catches everywhere that should make it a ton easier.

Option Message Effect
Fold it into a
Fan it into a Pyramid
Unroll it into a Tablet
Wind the Bells
Activate the Grinder Carefully moving a few pieces to the side, you twist the puzzle in several sharp motions.

You can hear a loud grinding noise as you twist the puzzle. Maybe something's happening to the powder you put in there.
Grinds powder if there is something in the chamber
Separate the segments
Leave it for now

The Tablet:
Fold it into a pyramid
Return it to a cube
Roll it into a rod
Separate the segments
Switch the doors
Read the tablet
Leave it alone

The Pyramid:
Flatten it into a tablet
Collapse it into a rod
Revert it to a cube
Realign the runes
Open the compartment
Stare into the eye
Leave it

Reading the tablet with puzzle sight gave this message, and gave 10 energy of Runic Puzzle:

You look down at the tablet. You're suddenly aware that the writing is… almost infinite. Some mechanism in the box can rearrange it into thousands of strings of text.

You still can't read it, but spend a while gaping in awe.

Strange how, not counting the leave it option, there's only 5 options for Vholes's box. He should have 6 (since he doesn't have Music of the Cube unlocked) actions. And I should have 7 while I have only 6. Non-unlocked actions not disclosed by puzzle vision or what?

There's a 'dud' move it doesn't seem to list (and the fact that it doesn't list it supports the theory that they are, indeed, dud moves).

- - - Al's Spading Area - - -

Here's a slightly simpler way to look at my data, maybe:

Without Puzzle sight With Puzzle sight
Options -> …does this Options-> …does this
Rotate the top Becomes a rod Twist it into a rod ?
Twist the sides Unlocks Puzzle's Gaze Unfold it into a tablet ?
Swivel a corner No effect Fold it into a pyramid ?
Pull at a crease Powder Pouring Listen to it's song **
Push at the center Becomes a tablet release it's light ?
Look for another catch Becomes a pyramid open the compartment ?
Stop and listen Gain 10 Music of the Cube leave it for now ?
Leave it be Leave
Without Puzzle sight With Puzzle sight
Options -> …does this Options -> …does this
Turn the left side Becomes a box fold it into a cube ?
Twist around the axis Becomes a tablet fan in into a pyramid ?
Work on the right edge No effect unroll it into a tablet ?
Pull at another crease Unlocks Music of the Cube wind the bells ?
Fold in the middle Becomes a pyramid active the grinder ?
Search for a latch Grinds powder seperate the segments Black metal stregth (10)
Pull apart the segments Gain 10 Black Metal Strength leave it for now ?
Leave it be Leave
Without Puzzle sight With Puzzle sight
Options -> …does this Options -> …does this
Twist the left side Becomes a pyramid Fold into a pyramid
Separate the layers Becomes a rod Return it to a cube
Start from a corner No effect? Roll it into a rod
Find a crease Unlocks Black Metal Strength Spread the segments
Fold the corners in Becomes a box switch the doors
Look for a latch Switches lock positions read the tablet *
Read the tablet Gain 10 Runic Puzzle leave it alone
Leave it be Leave
Without Puzzle sight With Puzzle sight
Options -> …does this Options -> …does this
Twist the bottom Becomes a tablet Flatten it into a tablet
Slide the faces ??? Collapse it into a rod
Rotate the top Something else Revert it into a cube
Try to open a side Red Flakes Realign the runes ***
Work on the middle layer Becomes a rod Open the compartment
Reach for the eye Becomes a box Stare into the eye
Stare into the eye Puzzle's gaze Leave it
Leave it be Leave

— Becomes a mysterious puzzle tablet
— ??? (unknown effect)
— Becomes a mysterious puzzle rod
— Chamber with red flakes (1/day)
— Becomes a mysterious puzzle rod
— Becomes a mysterious puzzle box
— Gain 10 energy of Puzzle's Gaze (+20% Perception)
— Leave
It's odd there's there's one fewer option under puzzle sight. It's making me think that the useless moves are red herrings. My next plan is to see if anything interesting happens when powder pouring under puzzle sight. The message for eye-drops intrigues me: "You pour the dose of dehydrated eyedrops into the cube. Faintly, you remember watching something like the box shift and open, revealing… something. Maybe it was on television and they went to a commercial break or something. Ah well, whatever." Maybe you'll remember it better if under the right combination of drugs. Maybe another red herring.

*Oooh! Found a new message:

You look down at the tablet. You're suddenly aware that the writing is… malleable. Some mechanism in the box can rearrange it into eighteen, presumably coherent, strings of text.

You still can't read it, but spend a while in awe of the amount of care and planning that must have taken.

Compare that to the one above - I think I'm making progress, though I'm not exactly sure what I did to get that message? I'll have to double check what configuration my box is. (It was in powder pouring position).

I switched the latch on the tablet to change from powder pouring to red flakes… and got the same message the next time. Then release the light, then back to powder pouring

** Release the light:

With a few quick twists, the cube begins to glow from within. The red light highlights the seams in the box's construction, but you can tell that is not its primary function.

The red glow within the cube grows more pronounced.

*** Realign the runes:

Working from the top, you subtly move the pyramid to realign the text on its walls. Doesn't mean much here, but you're sure the tablet will say something different now.

The runes slide into a different configuration. You still can't read them, but they seem pretty interesting.

Still same message after realigning the runes. I suppose I could try realigning/reading the runes up to eighteen times and hopefully one of them will do something different. That would be in line with Kinaks clue too about how "repetition can still lead to wisdom."

Remember, age and repetition lead to wisdom. ;)
Read the tablet while under the effect blood of the ancients to gain the skill Secrets of the Cube.

You can see eighteen ways the text could fit together and somehow they all make sense. A strange feeling of understanding wells up within you.

This entire box is newer than it looks. It's not an ancient relic, it's a testing tool constructed by Midgard Industries.

Now, who it's supposed to test and for what, you don't know. But apparently you passed.

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