Inverted Forest Of Meat



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You wander through the maze of cubicles, eventually finding your way to what feels like it's center.

A slab of meat, rank with decay, hangs from the ceiling by a creaking chain. Looking out over the cubicles, you see an inverted forest of them, dozens of twisting chains hanging over the maze.

Summary of Choices

  1. Pull it down - Fight Giant Maggot
  2. Burn it - Fight Giant Maggot or gain hooked chain
  3. Add another chain - Lose hooked chain
  4. Run for it - Fight Tusked Shadow

Choice Text and Results

Pull it down

You reach up to pull down the mass of rotting meat, but something bulges beneath the surface, giving you only a moment to pull back before it bursts messily forth.

You've gained 5 duration of Dripping with Gore.

(Fight giant maggot)

And, after winning:

After dispatching the meat's inhabitant, you pull the whole slab down.

Burn it

You try and try to set the slab of meat ablaze, but are only rewarded with the side of the slab exploding outward to reveal a pulsing inhabitant.

You've gained 5 duration of Dripping with Gore.

(Fight giant maggot)

And, after winning:
Well, at least you destroyed the meat, even if you weren't able to set it on fire.

With more fire power:

You manage to set the slab of meat on fire, burning it down to just the scorched chain.

You found: hooked chain

If there's petrol around:


You aren't having any luck setting the slab of meat on fire until a stray spark lands on a nearby cubicle, sending half a dozen cubes up in flames. The fire's light consumes paper, petrol, and cubicle to drive away the shadows.

Add another chain

You hook another chain to the slab of meat and toss the far end up beyond the drop ceiling. It slithers with a metallic jangle, securing itself into place.

Run for it

You turn and run, losing yourself in the maze of darkened cubicles. You think you've gotten away, until you find yourself face-to-face with a hulking shadow.

(Fight Tusked Shadow)

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