Island Raid Memory


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Description A small label on this memory core reads "Zaibatsu Island Raid." Although it's not clear just from that whether the contained memories are from a Zaibatsu team raiding an island or a Zaibatsu island getting raided, it's not surprising they made a neural recording of it.

In fact, engaging in military action and not recording it would probably be more surprising. That would go against Zaibatsu's near-religious devotion to branding and entertainment.
Type Chip
Requires 9 Base Will
Use You slot the island raid memory and wait for the emotions to start rolling in.

The memory fades in slowly. Wherever you are, it's cloying and hot, the stale scent of packed bodies like a Metros ride layered with a humidity Metroplex never achieves. A great door falls open, revealing a rocky beach slick with endless mats of algae.

You charge with the others, towards a ramshackle factory at the crest of the beach, faintly recalling they're pirating neural recordings in those walls. It seems like a perfectly valid reason to fight and die, your companions in their dark tactical armor expressing no doubt or hesitation.

You remember the brutal climb up the beach, dodging shells and homing missiles, then fighting through waves of drones and human guards alike. <Your nerves flare and churn with remembered motions.> (If you've gained Reflexes)
Multi You slot the island raid memories <otherwise same as above>.
Effects You've earned XP in Reflexes (inversely proportional to your stats - gain ~350 XP with low Reflexes, and ~2-3 XP at 50 Reflexes)
You've earned 1-2 XP divided among Strength, Perception, and/or Will


The Third Eye choice in Smuggler's Market


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg unformatted memory core
GoldCoins.jpg .12 Drugs
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