Jagged Hole



Encounter Conditions

Exploring the sewers

Initial Text

You find your way to a jagged hole in the sewers, like they're opening to a natural cavern. Two bored-looking Fangs stand watch, complaining incessantly about having to stand watch out in the sewers.

Admittedly, they are right about it smelling terrible and getting into your clothes, but they seem to belabor the point.

Summary of Choices

  1. Charge in - Fight 2 Dockside Gangers; enter the Sewer Hideout if you win
  2. Sneak by - Enter the Sewer Hideout
  3. Introduce yourself - Start mini quest if you have the cracked baseball bat or Carlos put in a good word for you.
  4. Report in - (Only after starting the mini quest) Enter the Sewer Hideout if mini quest completed
  5. Turn back - Walk away?

Choice Text and Results

Charge in

You charge in. The pair of guards reach for their weapons, but by the time they draw, you're already in their faces.

(Fight 2 Dockside Gangers)

(If you win)
With the guards out of the way, you head right in. The hideout is mostly natural cave, although you can see they've strung up electrical lighting deeper in.

The whole area is damp and smells faintly of the lake, but it's certainly preferable to the sewers you're heading out of.

(Enter Sewer Hideout)

Note: fighting these two gangers count as killing guards in the hideout for the purposes of making your way through to the boss.

Sneak by


Thankfully, both guards are too busy complaining about their lot in life to pay much attention to anything else. You easily slip in through a side tunnel and make your way behind them.

The tunnels widen out into what looks like a natural cave. You can faintly make out electrical lights deeper in, emphasizing how massive the area is.

The whole cave is filled with the scent of the lake, which isn't pleasant, but is assuredly better than the sewers you just left.

(Enter Sewer Hideout)

Introduce yourself


One of the guards shakes your hand. "Nice to meet you."

"I'm not gonna say you have to leave the sewers, but I'd get out of here before anyone else comes by. Some of our… friends are really touchy about who's down here."

Or, if Carlos introduced you:

He nods. "Ah, you're the one Carlos sent down, aren't you? He probably told you we'd have some sort of test… yeah, test…"

The other guard shakes his head. "Go up top and put the fear of God in some of the dockhands. They all owe us money, so just make sure they pay or rough 'em up a bit."

"It's all low cred loans, but can't just have people saying you can get away without paying, right?"

Or, if you have the cracked baseball bat equipped:

The guard throws his head back and laughs, the sound echoing down the sewer tunnels. "Man, I remember beating that guy up, what a pompous ass. Good times."

"Well, you obviously know we can't have people standing up to us, then… it defeats the whole point. A bunch of the dockhands up top figure they don't have to pay back little loans."

"If you go rough 'em up, show 'em who runs this place, we'll let you in… maybe even say a nice word to the boss."

Report in

If you haven't intimidated enough dockhands:

He shakes his head. "I didn't hear anything. Get up there, teach them some lessons, impress somebody. They'll call down and we'll let you in like Carlos wanted."

"It shouldn't be too hard. Those dockhands are pretty jumpy. Probably the Eclipse."

If you have:

He laughs. "Yeah, I heard you did a good job with those stupid bastards."

"Who works for a living, seriously?" He waves you past.

The tunnels merge into what looks like a natural cave. As you make your way forward, you can pick out a few places where the Fangs have installed electric lights. The scent of the sewers is also, thankfully, pushed slowly back by the less offensive scent of Lake Metroplex.

Turn back

Walk away???


This was introduced during the hideout revamp and probably replaces Strange Tunnel as the entrance to the hideout.

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