Joining The Third Eye


You can join the Third Eye once you start the University Quest. To become a full member, you must have gotten Dr. Thomas as a contact during the Docks Quest. You can still become a prospective member if you don't have the Dr. Thomas contact though.


Becoming a prospective member

Becoming a full member

  • Talk to Hawk to find out that they are looking for a supply of eclipse.
  • Talk to Dr. Thomas to learn that she might be willing to supply the Third Eye but she does not trust you yet.
    • Work on the Dr. Thomas Quest until you have given out crates of eclipse to six people.†
    • Ask Dr. Thomas to supply the Third Eye again, and she will tell you to "take care of your tail".
    • Adventure in the VIP Room and elsewhere until you get the Being Tracked choice encounter. Get rid of The Hammer by:
      • Defeating him three times.
      • Convincing him to let you go.
      • Disabling your implanted tacking circuit.
    • Talk to Dr. Thomas once more and she'll let you make a deal with the Third Eye.
  • Talk to Hawk once more and he'll make you a full member.



†There is some debate as to whether Carlos counts as two people for this purpose.

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