Journey Of Heroes


Image game%20chip%2025-1.png
Description It turns out that playing videogames about swords doesn't really make you that much better at using them, but you feel like you could probably make it up with enthusiasm.
Hidden Flags Zaibatsu chip effect
Effects +2 Melee Power
+2 Will


Using a Journey of Heroes chip. (100 energy)


You must have a Teso game console equipped for this effect to be active. If you unequip the console, the effect disappears, but you will regain any remaining energy of it if you equip it again.

While watching common TV programs, if you lose the Matsuo call-in contest, it give extra XP and the message:

Between episodes, they have a call-in contest for a particularly sweet looking replica sword to the lucky twenty-third caller. You try your luck and don't get it, but they do give you a code to download his sword for Journey of Heroes!

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