Julia's Dungeon



Encounter Conditions

Part of the Grand Staircase encounter.

Initial Text

You make your way into the basement, finding a small room roughly set up as an office. The walls are still industrial and largely bare, but someone's dragged in a good-sized desk.

An older woman sits at the desk, focused intently on some notes.

Summary of Choices

# Introduce yourself
# I'd like a collection Only if you don't already have a collection
# Ten thousand?
# Some other option if you have 10,000 credits
# Too rich for my blood
# Ask about collections After introducing yourself
# How's the museum? After introducing yourself
# Talk about dorms Prior to June 17th, 2015
# Mention Halloween Prior to June 17th, 2015
# Talk Halloween During Halloween 2015, and future halloweens
# Head upstairs - Walk Away
# Head way upstairs

Choice Text and Results

Introduce yourself

"Ah, welcome to my dungeon!" she gestures around the basement office.

"I'm Julia, the curator of Private Collections here."

"Things are still kind of a mess, but I'm working out the details."

Or, if you've introduced yourself before:

She cocks her head to the side a bit, mostly hiding her confusion. "Hello again. I'm Julia and this is my dungeon."

"It's actually the home of Private Collections. Sorry if you were waiting on the edge of your seat for that."

"Really, sorry. Dealing with university politics is a pain."

I'd like a collection

If you earned a collection during Halloween 2014

"It looks like you're already signed up from Halloween, so that shouldn't be a problem at all!"

She shows you back to your empty collection room. There isn't much way to organize anything in here, but there's plenty of space for anything you might want to give to the university.

Adds a Collections tab to your inventory.

If you have not previously earned a collection

She nods. "Well, the collections are open to the public, but the museum asks for a ten thousand credit donation."

She glances back down at her papers, apparently not expecting much.

Leads to additional options.

Ten thousand?

"Well, the university's idea is to raise money for the museum as a whole. But I understand it's a lot of money… well, for most people. The Silvers probably tip that much at dinner."

She wrinkles her lips a bit, as though the name left a bad taste in her mouth. "Anyway, give it some thought and come back whenever you want."

Too rich for my blood

"No worries," she smiles. "Come back if you ever stumble onto some classic pre-War art in the attic or anything."

Ask about collections

"Well, the University has given me a ton of leeway in how to set up the collections. That's actually half of why I took the job."

"They're intending it as a vanity thing where rich donors can get their own little exhibits. Which I suppose I'm okay with."

"Things aren't totally set up the way that I want them yet, but I hope to get there eventually and a few folks have set up collections. I can show you some if you'd like."

Clicking on 'show you some' takes you to a random person's collection.

How's the museum?

"I don't know. The museum really isn't my place yet."

"But the first floor is all paintings. It has a pretty good range of subject matter, but the styles are a little stuck in the past." She sighs, as though it's a long-standing pet peeve.

"But the statues carry it, I think. You have some nice cross-cultural pieces and some stuff that doesn't stay in even those boxes… and the Midgard propaganda statues, but I guess that's the price we pay."

"Well, half the price…" she pauses, letting the silence drag out well past the point of being uncomfortable.

You eventually prompt her and she snaps back into the conversation. "The other cost is that Metroplex's laws prevent us from getting the neural recording art that's coming out of places like Oceania. Performance are is one thing, but living a performance…"

Talk Halloween

In the lead up to Halloween from 2016 through 2023 (October 21st)

"I was actually pushing for it to move back here, but it's out of my hands."

"But I'm still glad I don't have to clean up afterwards again." She shakes her head. "Streamers everywhere."

Head upstairs

You make your way back up to Hall of Paintings.

(Walk Away)

Head way upstairs

You hike your way from the basement up to the second floor.

Huff. It seems like, no matter how good a shape you get into, stairs still suck.

You've earned 2 XP in Strength

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