Juryrigged Rocket (technique)


Image explodingrocked.jpg
Description A fire attack only effective at long distance
Chain 8
Type Fire
Attribute Perception
Hidden Flags (Rocket Technique, Science Technique)
Special Base Damage 12 at Long Distance

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 12 Leaves Jagged Wounds
You launch a rocket at <opponent>. It stops a moment short, showering <them> with X fire damage of smoking and jagged glass.
Underwater 2
You launch a rocket at <opponent>. It stops a moment short, hitting <pronoun> with a modest shockwave for <X> damage.
At non-Long Distance (vs. Chain 3 or less) -
You pull out a microrocket, but <opponent> stays too close for you to use it effectively.


Using a juryrigged rocket


Enhances Tin Artillery when this precedes it.

Under normal circumstances, this does not work vs. chains 3 or lower. See Long Distance for details.

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