Killing Encounters

This page lists most encounters in the game where you can kill someone (other than normal fighting in combat). These are important to note for when you are going for conducts that restrict your killing to a particular style (or no killing at all).

Presumably, if you are going for a Gunslinger conduct, it's still okay to shoot people in choice encounters. Ditto for other damage types. It is believed

Location Encounter Damage Type
Southside Park Evil Eye In The Park - Do what it wants ??? Fire?
Abandoned Building Thugs playing cards - Toss a grenade over
Abandoned Building Pool of Water - Drop in some wires
Abandoned Building Beaten Man - Charge in Stealth?
Abandoned Building Beaten Man - (Losing David)
Buried Lab Triggering the Omega Order* (indirectly)
The Docks
Waterfront Whispers With Midgard - Shoot him dead Ranged/Stealth?
Waterfront Pursued guard - Leave him to die (indirectly?)
Sewer Hideout Sleeping Fangs - Burn it down Fire?
Sewer Hideout Trio Of Guards - Add the Eclipse to a coffee (indirectly)
(Sewer Hideout) Asking Carlos to help and then shooting the place up (indirectly)
Mushroom Cavern Ancient Shroom - Ask for surrender
Midgard Warehouse Clipboard Dilemma - Kill him Ranged/Stealth?
Charnel House The Artist - Gun him down Ranged?
Charnel House (Reopened) The Artist - Gun him down Ranged?
Metroplex U
Underground Asylum Hall of Doors - (Losing Dr. A) (indirect)
The Quad (during protest) Quad Crackdown (indirect)
The Quad (during protest) Fleeing Pool Shark (pre-quest) - Claim he's with Midgard (indirectly)
The Quad Figure in Flames - Take up sniping Stealth/Ranged?
The Slags
Tainted Shoreline Faerie at the Nest - Destroy the eggs (?)
4th Floor Bloodied Scientist - Steal his helmet/failing to save him
4th Floor Far Above the Sea - Kill it again
Midgard Laboratory Operating Theatre - Help the guards
Midgard Laboratory Subject S43 - Shoot him Ranged/Fire?
(Midgard Laboratory) Priority Care Room - Carry him off (if he dies)

* Doesn't appear to disqualify runs if the Midgard Special Officer is the one who triggers it. Not sure about if you do it yourself.

Getting Fae/Ocean Eyes is allowed, despite "killing" the fish/fae.

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