Knuckle Bone


Image knucklebone.jpg
Description Barring evidence to the contrary, it seems reasonable to assume this small, jagged bone is a human knuckle bone. You could pull out one of your own and check, but that's probably a bad idea all around.
Type Usable
Use You roll the bone like a die. It comes up… knobby side up. That doesn't seem very illuminating.
Multi (Using any number other than those listed below:)
You consult the bones, but whatever meaning they may hold is not immediately obvious.

(Using 3)
You thread some string through the charms, making a somewhat intimidating charm.

(Using 6 with a knuckle charm equipped)
You add a few more bones to the charm you're holding.

(Using 6 with a knuckle charm in your inventory)
You add a few more bones to your charm.

(Using 9 all at once)
You string together the knuckle bones into a disturbing necklace.

(Using 18 with a knuckle necklace equipped)
The strand you're carrying is full, but with these knuckle bones, you can easily add some more.

(Using 18 with a knuckle necklace in your inventory)
Your strand is already full, but with these knuckle bones, you can easily add some more.

(Using 27 all at once)
You piece together several strands of knuckle bones into a gruesome network.

(Using 81+ at once)
You roll the mass of bones, stopping to count them and make sure you didn't miss any. After losing track a few times and having to recount, you think you have them all.
Effects You found: knuckle charm (Using 3)
You found: knuckle necklace (Using 9, or 6 with a knuckle charm equipped or in inventory)
You found: knuckle strands (Using 27, or 18 with a knuckle necklace in inventory or equipped)


Check Your Pockets while Etheric with spacious cargo pants equipped


Thread three Knuckle Bones
pileofjunk.jpg 3 Knuckle Bone
= Knuckle Charm
Collect nine Knuckle Bones
Knuckle Charm must be equipped or in inventory and gets consumed
pileofjunk.jpg 6 Knuckle Bone
= Knuckle Necklace
Collect nine Knuckle Bones
pileofjunk.jpg 9 Knuckle Bone
= Knuckle Necklace
String up twenty seven Knuckle Bones
pileofjunk.jpg 27 Knuckle Bone
= Knuckle Strands
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .02 Curiosities
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