Knuckle Charm


Image knucklecharm.jpg
Description There aren't many real hunters left, but you're sure the ones that are still around still take trophies. It looks like whoever constructed this bagged three humans. Better watch out.
Type Gadget
Effects +1 Etheric Power
+1 Perception


Thread three Knuckle Bones
pileofjunk.jpg 3 Knuckle Bone
= Knuckle Charm


Collect nine Knuckle Bones
Knuckle Charm must be equipped and gets consumed
pileofjunk.jpg 6 Knuckle Bone
= Knuckle Necklace
toolbox.jpg 1 Knuckle Bone (x1), 2 Knuckle Bones (x1)
GoldCoins.jpg .06 Curiosities
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