Lab Radio


Image HandRadio.jpg
Description You found this short-range radio in a lab beneath Southside. With a little chutzpah, you might be able to convince the place to lower its guard a bit.
Type Usable (Quest)
Requires 1 Energy
Use Before Omega Order:
You do your best to imitate the bored tone of a Midgard Security officer. "Yeah, sorry, false alarm. Nothing to see here."
(Followed by one of the below)

And at very low alert:
The actual guards seem pretty relaxed, bantering back and forth with you on the radio.

And at lowish alert:
The actual guards still seem a little twitchy, but also sound grateful for the good news.

And at some sort of another alert level:
The actual guards seem a little confused by your commentary, but its sounds like some of them are standing down.

And at medium alert:
The actual guards obviously want to believe you and calm down a little at your soothing tones.

And at higher alert:
You manage to cut through the screaming on the other end to convince some guards to calm down. The place is really breaking up, though.

After Omega Order: You try and try to raise someone on the radio, but don't get anyone. Looks like you're all alone out here.
Effects Reduces alert level in Buried Lab


Midgard Security in the Buried Lab


Hammer25.jpg This item is not a component for any kind of crafting.
toolbox.jpg capacitor array, circuit fragments, frayed cable, microcapacitor, signal analysis circuit
GoldCoins.jpg .10 Goods
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