Lake Metroplex (North)

For narrative speculation on this area, see Historia Aetherium: Beneath the Lake.


The north side of Lake Metroplex can be accessed from the Waterfront, Mushroom Cavern or the Tainted Shoreline via Lake Metroplex (South).

This counts as an underwater area, outdoors area.


When resting here:

You let yourself bob to the surface and rest for a while.

BrassKnuckles25.jpg Combat Encounters Eclipse.jpg Etheric only
Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters coffee.jpg Non-Etheric only
defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters fishingpole.jpg Requires Fishing pole
LeatherJacket.jpg Gang Warfare Encounters PDA.jpg Can lead to a Hacking Encounter

Peace-Patch.jpg Noncombat Encounters

Encounter Result Notes
Out of breath (clean lake) Kicks you out of the lake Only if you don't have an air recycler
coffee.jpg Boats Overhead 4 XP in Perception
coffee.jpg Peaceful Swimming 4 XP in Reflexes or Strength

defaultitem.jpg Choice Encounters

Murky Border

  1. Head south - Head to Lake Metroplex South
  2. Explore the border - (Morality 0) Gain 4 XP Perception
  3. Turn around - (Morality 0) Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Massive Clam
  1. Open it - Pull rewards out from yesterday, or:
    1. Drop some sand in - (Morality 0) Put item in to be retrieved later
    2. Bleed into it (Only if you've waited around) (Morality 0) Lose 2-4 HP, permanently poison the clam if you have Slags Poisoning
    3. Drop in a shark tooth - (Morality 0) Put item in to be retrieved later
    4. Cut out some meat (with sashimi knife) - (Morality 0) Get clam meat (with enough Diving Ability), adds blood to clam
    5. Leave it - Walk away
  2. Inspect it - Gain 4 XP Perception
  3. Wait around - (Morality 0) Gain 4 XP Will
  4. Wait in ambush (Only if you've waited around) - (Evil 2) Fight Deep Hunter
  5. Swim away - (Morality 0) Walk away

Great Stand Of Seaweed

  1. Grab some seaweed - (Morality 0) Gain some damp seaweed or fight a foreign shark if <50% HP
  2. Catch some fish - (Morality 0) Gain fish if you have a speargun-item or hunting spear
  3. Search the seaweed - (Morality 0) Gain some of: wetsuit pants, wetsuit top, wetsuit fabric, rebreather mask, kid's flippers or fight a foreign shark if <50% HP
  4. Leave it - (Morality 0) Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Meeting The Fish People
  1. Try to communicate (Initially, leads to options below. If you have unlocked communication, unlocks trading. Does not appear if you've unlocked trading.)
    1. Hand over the egg (Only if you have a spherical egg) - Unlocks communication, lose spherical egg
    2. Give him a lake pearl (Only if you have a lake pearl) - (Morality 0) Nothing
    3. Offer a black pearl (Only if you have a black pearl) - (Morality 0) Unlocks communication, lose black pearl
    4. Rush him - (Evil 2) Gain 4 XP Reflexes
    5. Bail out - Walk away?
  2. Ask about the urn - Only if you have the Sloshing Urn
    1. Follow him - Leads to Mushroom Cavern if equipped with diving gear
    2. Head the other way - Walk away?
  3. Chat with him - (Only after unlocking trading?) Gain 20 energy of Ocean Song
  4. Trade with him - Only appears if you have unlocked trading.
    1. Fish (3 teeth) - Trade 3 shark teeth for various fish
    2. His Spear (9 teeth) - Trade 9 shark teeth for a hunting spear
    3. Human spear (9 teeth) - Trade 9 shark teeth for a speargun-item
    4. Human face (9 teeth) - Trade 9 shark teeth for a rebreather mask
    5. Something about teeth and skin (27 teeth) - Trade 27 shark teeth for a cured shark hide
    6. Something made out of teeth (27 teeth) - Trade 27 shark teeth for a shark tooth blade
    7. Something you think is a fancy hat (27 teeth) - Trade 27 shark teeth for a buried crown
    8. Charge him - (Evil 2) Gain 4 XP Reflexes
    9. Swim away - (Morality 0) Walk away
  5. Leave him be - (Morality 0) Walk away

Eclipse.jpg Call Of The Chasm - Only with Draught of Breath active
  1. Stare into it - (Morality 0) gain 6 XP in Perception
  2. Dive in - (Morality 0) return to Mushroom Cavern, take 9? damage
  3. Pull away - (Morality 0) Walk away
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