Lake Of Fire



Encounter Conditions

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Initial Text

Skirting the edge of a lake of fire and sulfur, you catch sight of a trio of ghouls in the distance. The area is calm for now, but the ghouls seem aligned with the cave itself to thwart you.

Summary of Choices

  1. Dive into the lake - Take 30-50 damage, or with any Fire Defense, take 2-5 damage and find 1-3 of etheric focus, holocaust coat, stopped watch, sulfur, red hot pipe, scarred silver mask
  2. Charge the ghouls - Fight 3 Ghouls
  3. Stop and fish (only if fishing pole equipped) - Fight 3 Ghouls, or with Stealth Power ≥ 6 avoid them and lose line and lure effects
  4. Go back - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Dive into the lake

(With no Fire Defense)

You dive in to the lake of fire, grab the first thing you can find through the flames, then run back out. In retrospect, that might not have been the best idea.

You take 30-50 damage. (With no fire defense)

You found: 1 of: etheric focus, holocaust coat, sulfur, stopped watch (unconfirmed), red hot pipe (unconfirmed), scarred silver mask (unconfirmed)

(With any Fire Defense)

You dive into the lake of fire. Its painful, but not overpowering.

You grab everything you can find before heading back to the surface.

You take 2-5 damage.

You found: 1-3 of etheric focus, holocaust coat, stopped watch, sulfur, red hot pipe, scarred silver mask

(Note: You will still get items if you are beaten up from the fire damage.)

Charge the ghouls

You dive headlong into the trio of ghouls. They descend on you with tooth and claw.

(Fight 3 ghouls)

Stop and fish

You try to find a decent hiding spot and start fishing, but the ghouls are on you only moments later.
(Fight 3 ghouls)

OR, with Stealth Power ≥ 6:

It seemed like a really good idea at the time, but all you managed to do was melt your line and lose your lure somewhere in the depths of the lake.

Ah well, score one for the fire.

(Lose line and lure effects)

Go back

You swallow your disappointment and head back the way you came. It takes a while, but you eventually find a way around.

See Walk Away

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