Lake Pearl


Image Pearl.jpg
Description This is a pretty good sized pearl. You're not sure if its strange greenish hue will make it more or less valuable.
Type Usable
Sell You pawn off the pearl. It's surprisingly easy, actually.
Multi You pawn off the pearls. It only takes a few minutes online. There's apparently a big market for these things.
Effects Gain 50-60? credits


Tainted Shoreline encounters: Andrea the Grad Student, Bloated Carcass
Opening a Waterlogged Sack
Fishing on the Ghost Ship or the Tainted Shoreline (beach spot, corpse spot, or ship spot)
Using the Monarch's Call skill while outside the slags


Wrap a Lake Pearl in Gold Foil
lake pearl gold foil
= gold pearl
Dissolve a Lake Pearl in Grain Alcohol
lake pearl grain alcohol
= pearl liquor
String together 14 Lake Pearls
Quest recipe: Learn from using a limnology video
pileofjunk.jpg 14 Lake Pearl
= Lake Pearl Necklace
toolbox.jpg This item cannot be salvaged.
GoldCoins.jpg .08 Curiosities
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