Lakebed Grapple


Image lakebedgrapple.jpg
Description A Melee Technique stronger against its own kind
Chain 2
Type Melee
Attribute Reflexes
Base Damage 8
Special +4 Base Damage opposing a Melee Technique

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally 8
You strike low, turning <opponent's> inertia against <it> for <X> damage.
Vs. Melee 12
You strike low, turning <opponent's> strike against <it> for <X> damage.
While Underwater 12
You turn <opponent's> inertia against <it>, slamming <it> into the lakebed for <X> damage.
While Underwater, Vs. Melee 14
You take control of the underwater scuffle, turning <opponent's> attack against <it> for <X> damage.


Eating massive tentacle sushi or squid nest rolls with Undersea Stalking active.

Used By (Opponents)

Palace Guard

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